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ISBN: 978-0-9912053-0-1

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Every Sunday is a daughter’s tribute to her father, the story of a man who lived life with extraordinary kindness and humility. Their Sunday letters stop—after 32 years—when he suffers a stroke and can no longer walk, care for himself, or voice his needs. Determined to connect with him and focus on their good memories, she shares stories of Long Trail hikes, Springfield College days, birthday ski adventures, White Mountain summits, childhood moments, and more during Sunday nursing home visits. Every Sunday is a memoir about a revered recreation director and an inspirational father-daughter bond—a story of faithfulness, hope, and love.

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Donna Dearborn grew up in an active family in Brattleboro, Vermont, where her adventurous spirit and love of the outdoors emerged at an early age. Degrees in math, environmental science, biochemistry, and exercise physiology led to a diversity of jobs—algebra and trigonometry teacher, Outward Bound wilderness instructor, English teacher in Korea, fitness director, tennis pro, tax preparer, ski instructor, field hockey coach, New Zealand hut warden… She is happily settled in the familiar, rolling green hills of Vermont with her husband, Wally, and their yellow Labs, Ella and Eva.

“ Donna Dearborn has written an important book, from her heart, about her connection with her dad and the pain of his decline. Having lost my mom last year, I am relishing every word, every memory, and every heartache. This is a powerful read about an inspiring daughter and father. Frank Dearborn was Brattleboro Recreation Director, avid hiker and outdoor enthusiast. The two of them shared incredible moments of heroism and tenderness. I am in awe of Donna's ability to capture it all in words and sweep me away into her story.”
-- Alli Lubin, Rockingham, VT

“ Donna's book should be required reading for every young father. While reading we are taken back to our own relationships -- to our last days with our parents, our communications with our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. What we say and the examples we set will affect future generations. Thank you, Donna, it was an emotional ride. I laughed, I cried, I reminisced. It was a great read.”
-- Jay Antoniewich, Nashua, NH

“ I finished Every Sunday today. It's difficult to remember when I last so enjoyed reading a real life story. The range of emotions, the family interactions . . . I went through my father's final non-verbal five years (Alzheimer's) so I could really empathize with that experience. Donna, thank you for inviting me in. I really enjoyed all the hiking stories too!”
-- Tim Lester, Walpole, NH

“ Well, I am now sitting here with that little pinchy feeling you get in your throat, tears streaming down my face. I have loved every moment of this wonderful story and feel so fortunate to have taken a trip down memory lane back to the Vermont and New Hampshire that I love so much. The bond that you have shared with your readers has certainly struck a chord with me. The love we daughters have for our fathers is remarkable and profound. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Very compelling. Love it!”
-- Sandy Moody Gaither, Nashville, TN

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