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D O N N A  AW.A  D E A R B O R N

Every Sunday is a daughter’s tribute to her father, the story of a man who lived life with extraordinary kindness and humility. Their Sunday letters stop—after 32 years—when he suffers a stroke and can no longer walk, care for himself, or voice his needs. Determined to connect with him and focus on their good memories, she shares stories of Long Trail hikes, Springfield College days, birthday ski adventures, White Mountain summits, childhood moments, and more during Sunday nursing home visits. Every Sunday is a memoir about a revered recreation director and an inspirational father-daughter bond—a story of faithfulness, hope, and love.

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Donna Dearborn grew up in an active family in Brattleboro, Vermont, where her adventurous spirit and love of the outdoors emerged at an early age. Degrees in math, environmental science, biochemistry, and exercise physiology led to a diversity of jobs—algebra and trigonometry teacher, Outward Bound wilderness instructor, English teacher in Korea, fitness director, tennis pro, tax preparer, ski instructor, field hockey coach, New Zealand hut warden… She is happily settled in the familiar, rolling green hills of Vermont with her husband, Wally, and their yellow Labs, Ella and Eva.

“A love letter to family, Every Sunday is the true story of Frank Dearborn, the much-loved Superintendent of Recreation and Parks for the Town of Brattleboro, Vermont. A genuine sporting legend and fitness role model, he was a runner, biker, tennis player, former Outing Club president, skier, and End-to-End hiker of Vermont's Long Trail. It doesn't matter if you ever had the privilege of knowing Dearborn personally, one cannot read his daughter's tale without being captivated and feeling as if you are right there beside the two of them as they travel the last chapter of his life together. This is the upbeat, powerful story of a father and a daughter, a story you won't soon forget.”
-- Fran Lynggaard Hansen, columnist, author, and Brattleboro native

“Frank was an exceptional human being … an approachable man of vigor and integrity, a wonderful role model for the youth and adults of our community, a generous volunteer, and an objective group moderator … a man of peace for certain.”
-- Karen Davis, longtime Brattleboro resident

“There is one word that briefly best describes Frank Dearborn. That word is “great,” and we mean great in the best and complete sense of the word.”
-- John Madden, former pastor of First Baptist Church, Brattleboro

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